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Who we are

The history of the company begins with 4 passionate entrepreneurs uniting with each other to converge four concepts into one idea and one dream. These four friends brought their dream into reality as 4Axis solutions with the outset of the startling app Drawing desk in the year of 2013.

Axian's Culture

What we do

At 4 Axis, it’s a different kind of buzz entirely. We believe, that which sets us apart from our contenders, is the way we think. And we pride ourselves in being different and rising above the dogmas. We have designed an environment worthy of exercising the power of concentration and motivation to reap good harvests. This sets the tone for our creators, developers, and designers to work peacefully with a free and open mindset. Thus, the output of our hard work reach exceptional heights simply because our employees are practiced into thinking outside the box and taught to utilize one’s individualism to raise the everyday ordinary to extraordinary heights; paving the way for great ingenious innovations like Drawing Desk and other operations, among many carried out by the company.

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