COLORING on Drawing Desk  – from a different angle

February 8, 2017



The all new enhancements on our latest update allows you to explore and easily apply colors to your favorite doodle.

The recent color enhancement offers the option of Drag on the Doodle Desk – where you can drag colors on your doodle to give all Doodle Desk users quick coloring movement and a versatile coloring experience. 

Drawing Desk also offers more color themes and palettes to choose from! With a new and improved color picker, you can now pick the exact colors you want from the color spectrum and if that’s not enough you can even use it to create your own color palettes! There are also customized color themes to choose from along with various gradients and shades to choose from!


The fully rotatable option available on the doodle desk, allows you to fully rotate your doodle for coloring. All you have to do is use two fingers to rotate it in the direction you want to turn the doodle.

Pretty simple, right?  Also..

The app has some brand new tools and brushes for you to work with, while letting you adjust the opacity and radius of each tool to suit your drawing style!

So in a nutshell, Drawing Desk has not only improved its features, but it has also been tailor-made to suit your own creative needs!

Don’t Wait !!! Download Drawing Desk today to experience these awesome options  and to enter the colorful world of creative digital art.